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26.12.2017Detroit, Michigan

Field Sales Representative


26.12.2017New York, New York

Spirit Brand Ambassadorin two lines


26.12.2017Detroit, Michigan

Field Sales Representative


Maximus: People who create the brands

Maximus: People Who Create the Brands Maximus unites those that are not afraid to put their professional growth and development first and take the first leap forward. Those that are committed to reaching goals and that are not afraid to try something new.

As a professional team, we work together to ensure that all operations for the company are running smoothly. Reaching for the same goal of being number one in the market, we take pride in the teams that we work with.

These individuals that work with us have the ability to think outside the box, are driven, motivated and have persistence and commitment to our company that ensures our success. Inspired by them, we stand strong next to them.

Maximus has a management team that believes in direction, new skills and innovations. Always open to ideas, they work closely with their teams to make new discoveries and reach new heights that help Maximus reach new heights.

The staff that can be found in-house are who grows the company and keeps it running smoothly. They are the foundation of the company and continue to be that way.

As everyone works together, they keep the one common goal in mind that has to be reached. Maximus succeeding is the goal and as we move towards reaching it, we know we are driven, confident and able to be rewarded in the end because Maximus is OUR company.

We invest our energy, our time, our effort and our heart into the work that we do for the best outcome.

Invest in the Future as Part of the Team

Everyone that works with Maximus is investing in their own futures. We are always investing in Maximus’ future by hiring likeminded individuals that want to work towards the same common goal. Those that love leadership, innovation, hard work and have the motivation are encouraged to become a part of our team.

If you want professional and personal fulfillment, Maximus is able to provide you with that.

Achieve goals and improve your overall skills every day.

Transform your future into something more with the help of Maximus. Find out more about our staff openings and see if something stands out to you. It is worth it to become part of a team!

We Continuously Learn New Skills

Our special induction program works to show new employees the skills that they need to succeed in the workplace. This helps everyone transition much easier.

In 2016, over 2,000 staff members took the course and benefited from doing so.

In addition to this program, 300 staff members every year will take a management training course. This helps their professional growth, but also helps them make the next career advancement in the future.

We are happy to invite you to become a leader with us and be a part of our team!

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At Maximus, we are more than a team, we are a family!

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