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Few words about the distillery

The distillery was developed and constructed by «KREBS-SPEICHIM» (France). French specialists worked together with our team and trained to operate innovative and modern equipment which has no analogues in CIS.

The key alcohol process is fully mechanised and automated, thus no hand labor is required at the plant. All the process control is managed from the control panel. And all the process equipment and every pipeline is made of stainless steel.

Our own certified and highly qualified lab staff is responsible for conducting all required testing. The laboratory is equipped with up-to-date measuring and test apparatus. Alcohol analyses are performed via the state-of-the-art-type chromatograph.


How Vodka
Is Made

Grain Selection

Top quality wheat from the
fields of Kazakhstan is used.


Yeast is added to mash.
Batch and continuous


Impurities are removed by
distillation through 7
coloumns of 1181" high.


Activated carbon filtration is
made through 196'' high


Vodka is aged for 30 days
inside the copper and
stainless steel tanks

NANO filtration

A final unique polish


Modern six bottling lines
manufactured in Italy and
Germany, such as Arcor,
Kohem, AMS, Ferrari, SIMI,

Final Testing and package

Storage And Shipment

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