Our Awards

The winner of 2017. Nomination of the best vodka

Winning the nomination fo the best vodka again this year, Maximus continuously provides the quality drinks that you’re after. With crisp, clean tastes and the quality products that you would only expect from the highest quality vodka, Maximus is a winner of all vodka types internationally and should be known as such.

The winner of 2017. Nomination of the best vodka

Being nominated for the best vodka in class, Maximus has continuously provided quality standards to those that enjoy vodka. Cool, crisp and lightweight, the vodka is made to perfection and ensures that each and every taste is worth it. Being nominated for this award is a big deal when up against other international brands.

The winner of 2016. WSWA Tasting Competition

The World Spirits Competition is a big worldwide event that welcomes many tasters and companies of various spirits. Maximus was entered into the competition and came out a winner because of it. With a fresh, clean taste and the use of only premium quality ingredients, Maximus is regarded as one of the finest vodkas on the market.

The winner of 2016. Nomination of the best vodka

Selecting the very best in all international vodka choices, this award is a huge accomplishment for Maximus. With several categories, the winner is chosen based on one of those categories. Maximus was able to walk away as a winner because of their smooth, crisp taste of the quality vodka that the company provides.