Our Story

How it all started

Aktobe distillery factory was established in 1943 year at the premises of Vitebsk distillery evacuated to Aktobe and was one of the first enterprises of the alcohol industry within the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In 2000 Maximus Limited Liability Partnership was founded on the basis of JSC Crystal. Business plan, implementation of which started almost immediately after the LP privatozation, was aimed at the enterprise renovation, the main idea of which was competive growth of products, improvement in its quality and in all contributory consumeroriented characteristics.

On the way

A very little time was required for that purpose. In practice, during one year the management company at the expense of own investments carried out renovation of all production shops and the administrative complex building, and then started working out and implementation of the concept of construction of own distilling plant, which would supply high quality raw materials to production and would allow to carry out the entire production cycle within the walls of one enterprise. All of the above innovations were designed to increase the manufacturing unit capacity manifold, to bring it up to the world standards and to promote market appearance of top-class products being highly competive with their popular equivalents.


A modern ethyl alcohol plant was built together with Krebs Speishim Company (France). The unique character of this production is in automation of the entire operation cycle. Control over industrial production of alcohol is exercised by four operators from the operating console, which monitors all indicators. Shatiering of grain is carried out on the hammer disintegrator manufactured in Italy. Manufacturing technique allows using any grain raw materials: wheat, rye and barley. Fermentation process at the plant is continuous, which is a qualitative difference from other enterprises. Alcohol distillation and rectification plant consists of six towers. A demethanol column and 30-meter height of distillation tower in this plant allow Lux alcohol production and quality separation of impurities.

The following stage makes one big difference of alcohol production at the plant of Maximus LLP: the partnership purchased and installed SKM-75 dryer for processing of post-distillery stillage into dry fodder additive. As a result, alcohol production wastes (stillage) are processed instead of being disposed of in a landfill, thus having no harmful effect on environment. The distillery is a waste-free production. Dry feed additive in the form of dry stillage is a high-quality product for livestock and poultry.

We are proud of our six bottling lines manufactured in Italy and Germany, such as Arcor, Kohem, AMS Ferrari, SIMI, VIR MAURI.

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